The Pennsylvania Dutch were known as thrifty, practical people who also had a liking for decoration and color in their homes. Many bits of their Germanic outlook on life were recorded for posterity on earthenware pie plates. The plates were adorned with tulips and whimsical sayings before being fired in kilns. As durable as Sumerian clay tablets, the plates probably prompted laughter as the pie was consumed and the plate’s message was gradually revealed. Here are some figures of speech and proverbs of the Pennsylvania Dutch.
He who talks much must know much or be a good liar.
Every man has his weak side.
Drunks, children and fools tell the truth.
Such is life, one partner gets the experience and the other the cash.
Enough is better than too much.
You are as green as grass. Just take care that the cows won’t eat you.
A skilled worker will always get along.
Do you know how Girard became so rich? He minded his own business.
One does what one can. A bull can’t do any more.
Overly wise is half crazy.
Poverty and health are better than sickness and wealth.

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