It is asked, What’s the big deal about same-sex marriage? If sex outside of marriage is a sin, shouldn’t gay people who want to be faithful to their lovers be given the right to marry?

Professor Robert George carefully addressed this argument and several others in a recent lecture (via YouTube) at the Washington D.C. campus of Hillsdale College. He proclaimed “Consequences of an Idea: The Social Cost of Redefining Marriage.”

In an hour, Professor George provided strong evidence that thought leaders behind same sex marriage have for years planned to use it as a way station on the road to legalizing marriage of multiple partners. Beyond that, they envision marriage as being expanded to include temporary liaisons of almost any description.

So, to answer this article’s opening questions, there is no real support among  leaders of the same sex marriage crusade for promoting virtues of monogamy among homosexuals.

If the entire exercise of promoting same-sex marriage will result in a situation of sexual chaos and promiscuity identical to what is going on today, only now called “marriage,” what is the point of it?

Professor George provided a chilling answer to this (my third rhetorical question) based on his reading of current academic writings by same-sex marriage supporters. By incorporating any and every sort of promiscuity (or perversion?) into the government’s description of marriage, same-sex marriage promoters hope to remove legal protections from people who defend Christian moral teachings on practically all subjects sexual.

Christians in business, education, government or social services would have to provide service to most transgressors of sexual mores even though that service might promote the immoral activity or the victimization of others (as in abortion). Their only means of protest would be the constitutional right of freedom of speech outside of their occupational roles, and that could be practiced only under the severe condemnation of society.

In same-sex marriage promoters’ dream world, Christians would be as popular as the Ku Klux Klan. Professor George is a legal scholar and read the words of academics with care, and that was his basic conclusion in the first half of the lecture.

Well-meaning people who believe that they can tolerate full legal rights for same-sex marriage may have a different opinion after hearing what Dr. George tells of the motives and goals of the same-sex marriage-promoting elite. American Christians, and indeed, other people of faith, are facing a depressing future.

Fortunately the academic elite have been guilty of overreach on several occasions, and Professor George illustrated some of their failures in the second half of the lecture. The same selfishness and arrogance displayed by the libertine academics can – Surprise! – come back to trip them.



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