Update – September 23 – The reception for Pope Francis at the White House was held outdoors — and much less shocking than I anticipated. The attendance was estimated at 11,000 and certainly the presence of a few dissidents in a crowd that size is not the calculated insult that it would be if the crowd numbered a few hundred. So in place of a disgraceful spectacle I saw only the usual White House method of milking any event to promote its left wing agenda.

President Obama’s guest list for the reception of Pope Francis reveals an astounding contempt for the Roman Catholic leader and the Christian faith that the Pope espouses. The White House has seen fit to invite several agitators for homosexual sexual activity and transgender-ism to the reception. Thus President Obama has engineered a potential confrontation in the receiving line between America’s guest, Pope Francis, and a bunch of rabble-rousers.

I cannot fathom the depth of malice required to drive this apparent attempt to humiliate the Catholic leader. Pope Francis has been careful to instruct homosexuals that their activities and mindset reflect sin that must be abandoned (as all of us are told to give up all sins that we realize we are committing).

The question has been raised if President Obama is a Muslim. The wicked mistreatment of Pope Francis planned at the White House would suggest that Muslims, who make a virtue of hospitality, should be embarrassed to claim him.

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