Few of us are keen on making house cleaning a hobby,  and a little planning can reduce time spent on this chore. Professional cleaners attack one area of the house at a time. Areas like the kitchen and bathroom that call for cleaning with water and cleansers are done separately from living areas that primarily need dusting and vacuuming. Pros don’t start tasks all over the house—they finish one area at a time. An exception to the rule is that trash emptying and vacuuming are saved until last for the entire house.
Professional cleaners are fans of saving steps. One cleaning expert says stopping to plug the vacuum cleaner into a new outlet every so often uses up 20% of vacuuming time. Instead, he recommends buying a 50 foot extension cord for the vacuum cleaner. Plug the cleaner in once near the origin of your vacuuming journey. Having the cord behind you saves time and reduces the chance the vacuum will gobble its cord.
The biggest time and step saver, according to pros, is to have all the tools, cloths and spray cleaners you need for cleaning a room on your person at all times by wearing an apron with pockets. One pocket of the apron is reserved for a little bag to hold trash. Suitably garbed with a nifty apron, you are prepared to make one pass through a room, cleaning everything but the floor without backtracking.
Avoid missing dirt by following a routine. Go around each room counter clockwise, or clockwise if it suits you better. The goal is to be consistent from room to room so it becomes a habit. Clean from the ceiling down: sweep cobwebs, then dust.
In house cleaning, it’s not just the work, it’s the frustration that wears a person out. Having everything you need to clean a room instantly available instead of walking to fetch supplies one at a time can make the process more efficient—perhaps even pleasant.

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