For a long time, conservative voters have been voting for conservative politicians who will go to Washington D.C. and set things right. Despite some impressive conservative victories at the polls, progress in Washington has been quite slow.
I suggest that conservatives are allowing cynicism — a “virtue” of the liberal crowd — to distort their outlook, leading them to elect the wrong people and to quickly dismiss honest attempts to advance our cause.
Regarding electing the wrong people, consider the Senate Conservatives’ Fund. This PAC is known for a disciplined approach to electing conservatives. Of all the GOP senators who claim to be conservative, this PAC is supporting only one for re-election: Sen. Mike Lee of Utah. The PAC is also backing two US Representatives who hope to move to the Senate in 2016. That’s all.
Do we conservative voters really want change or will we settle for those “a-dime-a-dozen” politicians who will merely manage the destruction of American freedoms and economics as gracefully as possible?
Now, to consider “useless gestures.” On September 28, Sen. Ted Cruz was shunned by practically all GOP senators as he tried to push a confrontation with the Democrats over federal funding for Planned Parenthood.
Liberals become rather emotional when they describe the supposedly awful effects of shutting down the government — even for a day. Yet Pres. Obama was perfectly willing to bring about this incredible catastrophe if Planned Parenthood was not funded.
Faced with such resolve, the GOP senators cast aside one of their few constitutional tools to rein in the Obama steamroller.
What should the response of conservatives be?
Some say it is a made-up controversy that distracts from the Senate’s “real business.” Others consider it to be grandstanding that only draws attention for Ted Cruz’s presidential bid.
But cutting off funding for Planned Parenthood could make it the first domino to fall in regaining a more honest federal government.
When looking at the financing of liberal politicians, Planned Parenthood can be seen as a slush fund, even a money-laundering enterprise. Overpaid Planned Parenthood executives know the drill: part of their federally-subsidized salary is to be donated to deserving Democrats.
So Pres. Obama was right by Democrat standards — getting that $500 million for Planned Parenthood was worth shutting the entire government down.
Multiply the corruption surrounding Planned Parenthood by the myriad of federally-funded advocacy groups involved in health, environmental protection, even civil rights — all pouring money into Democrats’ pockets — and one can see that Sen. Cruz’s ploy could be the start of something big.
Conservatives can stop America’s slide to ruin, but they won’t do it by living on cynicism and the promises of time-serving politicians.

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