Posse of “Worst Men” Aimed to Punish Payette Valley, Idaho Vigilantes

During the winter of 1864-65 the vigilantes of Payette Valley had success in ending thefts in their area, but the Pickett Corral Gang was still in business. The gang continued to steal horses–it just avoided taking them from its neighbors … Continue reading →

Brothers Taunted Payette Valley, Idaho Vigilantes, But The Joke Was On Them

“The news of the organization of a vigilance committee and its prompt action in suppressing the traffic in bogus gold dust created consternation in some quarters and indignation in others; among the latter were the owners of the Washoe Ferry, … Continue reading →

Pickett Corral Showdown With Idaho Vigilante Boss Was A Defeat For Robbers

The hard-working folk of Payette Valley, Idaho in 1864 were tired of being victimized by criminals who stole horses, rustled cattle and passed fake gold dust. A determined effort by the Payette Valley, Idaho Vigilantes put the scoundrels on the run within … Continue reading →