How quickly things can unravel: the failing European welfare-state nations are suddenly facing an influx of millions of refugees and economic migrants from failing Muslim countries and corrupt African lands.

YouTube video: Suicide of Europe

I do not know anything about the political views of the people who developed this video, but it shows real events as they are occurring in Europe. It suggests that European leaders have chosen to subjugate their native populations under a tidal wave of immigration. It illustrates the frantic attempts by leftists in those countries to put a happy face on what looks for all the world like an enemy invasion. It quotes a former KGB agent, who explains that European people are so traumatized and disoriented by the shocking turn of events that they cannot evaluate what they are witnessing.

Disclaimer: As I said, I do not know the source of the video. The Anti-Defamation League is denouncing it because a statement at the end could suggest an anti-Semitic thread in the film’s argument. I watched all 19 1/2 minutes of the film and to my mind it merely indicates that some liberal Jews are no wiser than their secular brethren in their inability to spot a threat when it is right before their eyes.

I will add that the US debate on taking more Muslim refugees is in a far different class from the situation Europe is facing. I would not for a minute want to imply that the Muslim refugees we have taken in to date are cut from the same cloth as the violent, arrogant, welfare-seeking ingrates depicted in the film. But I frankly don’t credit our present national leaders with any more common sense than has been shown by Germany’s leader Angela Merkel.

We are fortunate there is an ocean between us and the disaster building in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We should think very carefully before running the risk of importing any similar trouble to our fair land.

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