After months of warm weather, the transition to frosty fall mornings often seems abrupt. In the scramble to gather produce before it is damaged by cold, a few food storage tips may be helpful.
Green tomatoes — wrap each one in paper and store them in a box or basket in a cool dry place like a basement. They will ripen gradually and can be used in November and perhaps December.
Potatoes — are difficult because they store best at 42-50°F and 95% humidity. They turn sweet and gummy in the refrigerator. Potatoes from the store should be left in their plastic bag and put in a dark place in the coolest part of the house. In the days of root cellars people put potatoes on the dirt floor and shoveled dirt over them.
Pumpkins and winter squash — gather before frost and let them dry for two weeks in a warm place to toughen their rind. Store in a cool dry place, around 55°F if possible.
Root vegetables — all root vegetables except potatoes store very well in a refrigerator and are also perfectly happy staying in the garden into November. They can be buried in 24 to 30 inch deep pits dug in a shaded area, covered with a board, then with a straw bale or loose straw at least 6 inches deep. Cover the straw with a tarp and weight it down. Instead of an unlined pit, some people bury a barrel or garbage can, or use a large drainage tile buried on end.

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