We understand the soldiers of Company H, 23rd infantry have saved of their wages and appropriated $1200 to the purchase of a library consisting of 1000 volumes. It is already purchased and shipped to Kelton and Col. Sinclaire will send a team after it as soon as the roads are a little better settled.

The girls of Boise not being expert at playing “shinny” have taken to walking stilts. They back up against a house, fence or anything for a boost to mount the poles and walk off like mad. They never ask a man to make a pair of stilts for them (don’t like to) but do their own carpentering in the backyard using a smoothing iron or a big rock to drive the nails with.

Fitful, freezing, smiling, spitting March treated us to a snow and squall night before last just enough to whiten the ground but the 10 o’clock sun had melted it into thin air again. —  From the Idaho Statesman, March 7, 1870. Dates listed are approximate.

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