It is easy to get the impression that the Boise area receives little snow, but long-time residents have experienced winters that prove otherwise. Snow lovers’ yearly anxiety over whether Bogus Basin will open for skiing by the holidays may lull newcomers into believing that owning a snow shovel is optional. The fact is, Bogus Basin opens every year, and if not by the holidays, most of the time by no later than the first week in January. For the city of Boise, the National Weather Service rates the chance of snow in any given winter to be 100 per cent.
Snowfall in Boise varies widely from one year to the next. In recent years, the winter of 2004 to 2005 produced only 2.8 inches of snow, but Boise received over 30 inches of snow in the winter of 2008 to 2009. The average yearly snowfall in Boise is 19 inches.
As for November, the first snow is most likely to arrive in Boise this month, with a 30 per cent chance it delays its appearance until December. The average date for the first snow storm is November 23. In 1985, Boise received a year’s worth of snow, 18.6 inches, in November, with another 12.6 inches following in December.

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