After the shooting stopped in the Orlando nightclub, the scoldings began.
Apologists for President Obama, “respectable” Republicans and the news media were quite disppointed in their fellow citizens.
Their accusations: Donald Trump was only using the disaster to promote himself and wants to delay acceptance of Muslim immigrants from violent, unstable countries. This could “obviously” cause righteous indignation among Muslims and turn peaceful people into killers. Gun rights groups “caused” the slaughter by supporting ownership of semi-automatic rifles, or the favored term, “assault rifles.” People who had the nerve to comment on gay rights issues without being gay themselves had created a “climate of hate” — why, it’s no wonder some guy murdered 49 people and wounded 53 more.
This is quite a burden of guilt the self-styled leaders of America are placing on citizens who were minding their own business and who appeared to have nothing to do with the vicious attack in Orlando.
Indeed, the average person has much more at stake in preventing terror attacks — his own life — than does President Obama, who is surrounded by armed men who are sworn to die to protect him.
The President gave a talk dripping with scorn for those who dared to question the wisdom of freely admitting to America people from regions racked by violence. He didn’t belittle the common people, just the candidates the people are backing. But there can be no mistake, without the pushing of millions of average citizens, Donald Trump and his message would have gone nowhere.
By the way, the Republican Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, has lined up on the President’s side regarding the continuing acceptance into this country of Middle Eastern people whose background cannot be checked. Ten thousand are coming from Syria this year, regardless of American citizens’ pleas.
A phrase I probably overuse is “times are tough all over,” but once again it applies. It turns out that American would-be elites’ problems with the unwashed folk are shared across the Atlantic. Massive migration from the Middle East and Africa into Europe has caused unrest in the native populations. Crime rates have increased, schools are crowded, government benefits are being handed out at an unsustainable rate.
Although there are many factors in the upcoming vote for Britain to leave the European Union — the “Brexit” — one that citizens mention often is immigration and “compassion fatigue.”
Megan McArdle, a writer for The Atlantic website, has reported on the situation, and this in turn was commented on by blogger “Ace” at Ace of Spades HQ (includes colorful language). His web posting contains a juicy morsel for our disappointed leaders. It’s a motto for them to use┬áthat is┬ámore up-to-date than the old saying, “Let them eat cake.”
The Transnationalists/Globalists/Universalists of the GOP Capital Class Ought to Read this Megan McArdle Piece Before It’s Too Late
Too Late for them, I mean.
Her major point is that the elites of UK and Europe — and, by implication (though she’s delicate about it) the US — have decided that “nationalism” is crude and kin to racism, and therefore, there is no longer any legitimate reason to favor a fellow citizen over a foreigner.[…]
The globalist/universalist/transnationalist wing of the GOP is careful to not admit this sort of archlibertarian/global socialism belief, because their fellow citizens would no longer pay them any mind […]
It would be like hiring a lawyer who tells you “I don’t care if you win or not — it would be tribalist to favor you. I’m just in favor of the truth.” […]
Similarly, if the purported leaders of the GOP admitted their true, Arch-Randian [Ayn Rand-inspired] belief that the nation-state is outmoded […], US Citizens would know to not heed their counsel.
No one would bother listening to anyone admitting, right up front, “I’m utterly indifferent to your fate.”
I believe that we should mentally insert this phrase before any pronouncement in regards to immigration matters we hear from our so-called leaders.

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