You may find yourself straining at the end of your “leash” while vacuuming, then having to stop and find a closer electrical outlet. Cleaning pros use extension cords so they can reach every room and only have to plug in the vacuum cleaner one time.
For vacuuming purposes a cord 50 feet long is useful. The wires in the cord should be big: “14 or 16 gauge,” because vacuum cleaners consume a lot of electricity. Lower gauge numbers mean bigger wire; ask a sales clerk for help if you’re not sure you are selecting a suitable cord. Lightweight cords for lamps are not adequate; the motor in the vacuum could burn up if a lightweight cord is used.
When using the extension cord, wrap the end around the vacuum cord as if starting to tie a granny knot. Then bring the ends together and connect the plugs. That way you can drag the cord without having it come apart in the middle.

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