In the north of Italy the country people carefully notice the weather of the first twenty-four days of this month, which they call “Zomi endegari,” or “Calende,” and from them deduce prognostications for the whole year. They begin with New Year’s day, which is termed “Zenaro”— that is, January — and so proceed to the 12th, giving to each day the name of the corresponding month, the weather of which it is considered to foretell. On the 13th, reversing the order, they go on to the 24th, which they also call January, whilst the 13th is December, the 14th, November, and so forth. Thus, if the 7th and 18th, the days corresponding to July, should prove wet and stormy, the weather of that month would be of the same character.
Bonifacio, Lombardian Proverbs

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