October is the end of the vegetable gardening season. It is not a bad idea to rake mulch away from the garden while cleaning up. If the soil is left uncovered until winter has started, the cold will kill many garden insects. Once cold temperatures are here to stay, the mulch can be replaced. Any carrots, parsnips or other root vegetables left in the garden can be mulched. Bulbs, shrubs and trees that are to be planted can all go in the ground in October—better soon than late, though tulips can wait until November.
Try not to let the lawn go into winter with long shaggy grass or clumps of leaves on it. Set the lawnmower to 2/3 of its previous height (the blade should be about 1¼ inches from the ground). Keep trees, perennials and especially evergreens well-watered until the ground freezes.

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