If a child is old enough to dress themselves, set out their clothes the night before.
Let youngsters do as much as they are able when getting ready for the day: combing their own hair, putting on clothes and shoes. A parent can provide the finishing touches in a spirit of cooperative effort; avoid implying that “You didn’t do this right.”
A wind-up timer with a bell may keep a younger child focused on completing a task, particularly something that they dawdle at or neglect to finish.
Some parents have an alarm clock for every member of the family. It may save steps for Mom.
Have breakfast cereal stored where the kids can reach it. Milk and juice can be poured the night before in plastic or disposable cups and set in the refrigerator so even small children can fix their own cereal without waiting for an older person to serve the milk.
Consider buying cups, plates, even linens, in a different color for each child — it’s even better if the child gets to pick “their” color.
Get things needed for school rounded up and by the front door on the night before. Lunches can be assembled the night before or even on the weekend. Non-perishable foods can be put in sacks labeled for each day — let the kids do this themselves. Sandwiches can be made up several days ahead of time if refrigerated, and a week in advance if they are stored in the freezer.

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