Lumping economic migrants with refugees from violence and persecution practically ensures that the US and Europe will continue to be baffled in their efforts to respond to the refugee crisis. So says Jonah Goldberg, a descendant of refugees, in this thoughtful and informative article.

Most of the Syrians we see on the nightly news and on newspaper front pages are not fleeing war-torn Syria. The three-year-old Aylan Kurdi (his real name is Alan Shenu) whose heartrending death was broadcast around the world was not fleeing Syria. He’d lived his whole short life in Turkey, where his parents had been living in safety.

The Shenu family, like so many of these refugees, left Turkey on a smugglers’ boat, ultimately trying to reach Canada in pursuit of better economic prospects and a better life.

People in the US cannot afford to allow the desires of economic migrants for prosperity to push our response to refugees into utter confusion. There are too many predator governments who would love to push terrorists and agitators into the country some call “the Great Satan.”

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