I have had reservations about Donald Trump as a presidential candidate. I was wrong to believe he would be a big interventionist in foreign conflicts. I am still concerned about the character of his associates and I cannot dismiss worries that Mr. Trump might pour gasoline on a smoldering trade war.
In his defense, Donald Trump is a dealmaker — not a dictator. He has decades of experience in the art of the achieveable deal.
There is more give and take in him than there ever was in a certain community organizer from Chicago.
Mr. Trump has also identified the greatest weakness of the Washington establishment: their cavalier attitude toward immigration. I deeply resent seeing immigration laws ignored and mocked.
How would business and government bigwigs feel about the same attitude if it was directed at paying taxes?
The US has made good use of immigrants in the past but admitting too many too fast while flouting the law smells like a deliberate drive to smash Americans’ wages and standard of living.
I wish more Hispanic people would realize that the open borders promoters are not their friends. As Latino people move a bit above the low end of the wage scale, they too could be replaced by some of the billions of people from Africa and Asia who would like to come to America.
I believe voters seized the chance to nominate a fighter for average Americans when they boosted Mr. Trump far beyond any of his GOP rivals. People passed up sixteen other candidates — any one of whom appeared more presidential and more statesman-like than Donald Trump. But we have all seen the ragamuffin leftists chew conventional leaders like George W. Bush and Mitt Romney to bits.
I think millions of people feel too desperate about the direction the country is heading to pick another gentleman for an electoral mauling.
Donald Trump’s candidacy is history in the making. Whether right or wrong, George W. Bush tried to maintain America’s standing in the world (and the value of the American dollar) by removing the foul Iraqi dictator. Bush was savaged by the left, all the better to win an election — the same method they used to take over the Democrat Party during the Vietnam War. The Tea Party arose, and was smeared with gross lies by sitting US Congressmen. Kindly, super-efficient Mitt Romney tried to take the reins. I still can’t figure how he lost.
Now people have raised up the brawling Mr. Trump. He’s worth a try because the choices get worse from here.

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