All vegetable-garden refuse such as squash vines, bean bushes, and old corn stalks should be cleaned up. Much of this material can go into the compost pile. The vegetable garden may well be tilled in autumn so that hibernating insects will be turned up to perish.
Newly planted shade trees are often injured by sun scald during the winter months. This is easily prevented by wrapping the trunks from the ground up loosely with burlap or with paper designed for the purpose.
Finish planting tulips. If tulip bulbs are to be left in the ground several years, set them ten or twelve inches deep.
Plant paper-white narcissi indoors about November 14 for bloom on Christmas Day. If there is not much sun, however, they will bloom later.
Clean away all dead foliage from around rose bushes and hill soil around the tender types such as hybrid teas.
Courtesy of Edward Farrington

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