The first two weeks of June are not too late to plant warm season vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, corn, beans, and melons. Most of them will provide a reward for your labor before frost. Mulch that is spread in the garden now will save water through the summer and discourage the pestiferous weeds that tend to take over gardens in August.
Do not fail to dust your gladioli with insect killer until the buds show color in order to kill thrips. In this way you can have perfect flowers.
This is a good time to sow perennial seeds. It is desirable to sow them in a cold frame, but they can be sown in an open seed bed. Remember that not all perennials come true from seed.
Newly set-out plants and seedlings should be shaded for several days until they have become established if the weather is hot.
It is still not too late to make plantings of certain annuals such as the Shirley poppy, gypsophila, bachelor buttons, gaillardias, scabiosas, and zinnias.

Set the lawn mower to one notch below its maximum height as hot weather approaches. Taller grass survives the heat better and can shade out lawn weeds.

Edward Farrington contributed items to this article.

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