July is the month for transplanting irises. Take divisions from the newer, outside growth. Set in the new location at once and water. Some iris growers are now setting the plants deeper than in former practice. The rhizomes are covered with one or two inches of soil, instead of being left half exposed.

Pyrethrums seem to do best if divisions are made in September, although you may be advised to do the work in July. Put it off this month. Use peat moss in the soil.

The English daisy, Bellis perennis, may be grown from seed sown now, blooming early next Spring. Out-of-door beds may be used where the exposure is not too great, but it is better to use a coldframe in the North. This is a job for late in the month.

Snapdragons which are sown at this season will make good potting plants for autumn.

Cuttings should be made of coleus, geraniums, ever-blooming begonias, and any other plants that may be needed for the house next winter. Root them in moist sand. It often helps geranium cuttings to root to let them dry in a shady, airy place for several hours before putting them in sand.

Hardy chrysanthemums will make a better fall display if they are given a little extra feeding at this time.

It is not too late to sow seeds of Shirley poppies, mignonette, annual lupines, and babys breath for late flowering.

The success of the rose bed depends largely upon the amount of water used. The beds should be given a thorough soaking at least once a week.

Violas, including pansies, usually produce better flowers if cut back severely at this season. Fertilize them and water thoroughly and a fine crop of flowers will result.

Peony seed pods should be removed. It is well to cultivate in a good general fertilizer like 4-12-4, which will help in making good, strong eyes for the next season.

The first part of this month is not too late to sow seeds of many of the biennials and perennials.

Wisterias may be pruned now and will be benefitted, as a rule, by much harder trimming than is usually given them.

Courtesy of Edward Farrington

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