Real estate can be a great investment for those with business savvy and money for a down payment. Here are a few things to consider when investing in real estate.
Search for a real estate agent with experience handling income-generating properties.
Bare land is easy to manage, but renters pay the bills. Most people cannot afford to own bare land for years or decades while paying all expenses out of pocket.
Tax breaks on depreciation are very important to the real estate investor. Only improvements (buildings, roads, etc.) can be depreciated, not the land they set on.
Most income-producing real estate requires a substantial down payment in order to obtain a loan.
Running rental property must be treated as a business.  People who do not want hassles and spending time taking care of renters and property should find a different investment.
Property management firms can reduce the burdens on the owner for a fee, but they cannot relieve him or her of making important decisions.
Real estate investment is by far the best way to build wealth in times of inflation. Most people who start out in real estate manage everything themselves, and accept  the role of landlord as an important part of their lives.

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