It is hard to know what to make of Donald Trump. He is a publicity seeker of the first magnitude, and yet, with his presidential campaign, he is taking some harsh blows and appears to be willing to forego some popularity in defense of his ideas.

Jeffrey Kuhner is a conservative radio host on WRKO in Boston and has had opportunity to watch Mr. Trump at work. His impression of the candidate is quite favorable.

Kuhner discusses Trump’s views on illegal immigration and international trade with vigor but without mindless populism:

George Washington, Alexander Hamilton and John Adams — all supported protective tariffs and a trade policy that guaranteed America’s economic independence…. Trump is an anti-globalist conservative, a nationalist who seeks to put America first. This is why our media elites despise him.

Mr. Kuhner sums up:

Liberals and RINOs*  beware. If Trump wins, you are all fired.

* “Republicans in Name Only:” not conservative

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