At last: a way to understand the situation in the Middle East as it relates to the Christians in Iraq and Syria. Retired U.S. Army Colonel Sargis Sangari, who helped train Iraqi troops, has set up The United Assyrian Appeal, which passes resources to Christians who are fighting to hold their home territories against ISIL/ISIS.

He was interviewed by Raymond Arroyo and pointed out that the Iraqi Army, which has folded up in the face of ISIL attacks on several occasions, is mostly fighting for a pay check. The Christians are fighting for their homes — and have a history of having done so. Col. Sangari noted that Christians made many sacrifices in the Iran-Iraq War, risking and losing their lives by joining with untrustworthy allies to defend their homes.

Embattled Christians need direct military aid and need it now. They should not have to wait months for chin-scratching strategists in Baghdad to do the right thing. The fighters and their families need monetary support, which The United Assyrian Appeal can facilitate using Americans’ donations. Col. Sangari could certainly use support from American Christians who are willing to contact their Congressional representatives and urge attention to this situation.

Washington D.C. seems mesmerized and immobilized by the complete collapse and  failure of American plans in the Middle East. Some supposedly wise people in the nation’s capital are not keen on seeing another little group, the  Mid-East Christians, get their own power base and militia. But I say that it is better to provide support to these people who have harmed no one and only seek to protect their homes. Why not take a chance on Kurds, Christians, Sunnis and Shiites in their respective areas forming a federation of peoples who are committed to the peace and prosperity of their home areas? I doubt it could be any worse than building phony central governments whose soldiers for hire throw down their weapons and run when faced with any credible opposition.


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