Well-ripened pineapples often appear in the stores this time of year. Buy one, and you can have fruit as well as a nice houseplant.
Cut straight across the pineapple, leaving about an inch of the fruit attached to the top. Let the top dry for a couple of days, then put in a five inch pot. Add light soil to cover the base of the top and a little water to moisten. Place in your sunniest window.
Pineapple plants absorb more water and food through their leaves than through their roots. Just pour water right in the pockets between leaves. Keep water in the crown of the plant all the time. Mix one serving of liquid plant food with at least three parts water and pour into the crown at planting time and every six weeks in the summer.
Pineapple plants can grow 3 feet tall. They are shallow rooted and do not need a large pot. It takes two years for the plant to mature. Consider it a bonus if it sets fruit, which grows on a spike, not at the base of the plant.

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