The success of the rose bed depends largely upon the amount of water used. The beds should be given a thorough soaking at least once a week. Peony seed pods should be removed. It is well to cultivate in some fertilizer like 4-12-4, which will help in making good, strong eyes for the next season.

July and August are the months to maximize lawn watering. Turf needs 1¼ inches of water weekly. If the lawn is showing some bald spots, one can over seed those areas from the middle of August to the middle of Sept. Grass seed must touch soil in order to sprout.

Promote better blooms and stronger plants by removing withered flowers regularly. When hollyhocks have finished blooming, cut them to the ground and discard all tops and leaves. Wisterias may be pruned now. July is the month for transplanting irises. Take divisions from the newer, outside growth. Set in the new location at once and water. Oriental poppies have become dormant by late July and may be divided with success. Cut roots into two-inch pieces.

Have home-grown house plants for winter by taking cuttings of coleus, geraniums, everblooming begonias, and English ivy.

Edward Farrington and Almanac Staff

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