At 2 p.m. yesterday a large audience assembled in the lodge room of Good Templars Hall to witness the ceremonies of dedicating the place to the uses of total abstinence from liquor. Music by the brass band began the exercises and after a prayer by Rev. H. L. Foote, the orator of the occasion. Honorable E. J. Curtis delivered an eloquent and appropriate address. After the talk of the vice templar, Mrs. Drew took a goblet of water and after repeating an appropriate sentence handed it to the grand worthy chief, Jonas W. Brown, who pronounced the dedicatory service in a solemn and impressive manner.
The Carter troupe made their first bow to an Idaho audience in Good Templars Hall Saturday in the grand old tragedy, “Lucretia Borgia”; Ms. Carrie Carter as Lucretia and Charles Carter as Genaro. The performance will conclude with “Our Gal”. It is the intention of this troupe to give us renditions of some of the finest and most sublime tragedies during their stay in Boise City. Our citizens have not witnessed a theatrical performance for several years and the legitimate drama, well rendered, will be considered a rare treat. — From the Idaho Statesman, April 11, 1870. Dates listed are approximate.

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