February Almanac

Birthstone for February: Amethyst
Flowers for February: Primrose or Violet
Monday Feb 2 Candlemas. Groundhog Day.
Tuesday Feb 3 Full “Hunger” Moon.
Friday Feb 6 Fire and Ice Winter Fest today through Sunday at Lava Hot Springs.
Wednesday Feb 11 Last Quarter.
Thursday Feb 12 Lincoln’s Birthday.
Friday Feb 13 Winter Carnival today through Sunday in Sandpoint.
Saturday Feb 14 Valentine’s Day. “To St. Valentine, the spring is a neighbor.”
Monday Feb 15 Presidents’ Day.
Wednesday Feb 18 New Moon. Ash Wednesday. Beginning of Lent. Planting by the Moon: during the Moon’s first quarter, plant leaf vegetables like lettuce and other vegetables growing above ground that have seeds that are not eaten.
Thursday Feb 19 Simplot Games track and field event at Idaho State University, Pocatello, today through Saturday.
Wednesday Feb 25 First Quarter. The Moon is ending its first quarter. It is waxing. Planting by the Moon: during the Moon’s second quarter, plant vegetables in which the seeds can be eaten: beans, tomatoes, peppers and squash.

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