Saint Anthony of Padua, Italy was a beloved preacher and Bible scholar in the Catholic Church. Born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1195, he was a missionary to the Muslims in Morocco before returning to Europe. While at Padua, he developed his gift for preaching, and it was said if the congregation was inattentive, he would go to the riverbank and preach to the fish.
Italian-Americans in New York City and Wilmington, Delaware celebrate St. Anthony’s Day with parades and feasting. Pilgrims go to Padua to ask the saint’s help in recovering lost articles. In Mexico it is believed that St. Anthony can lead wandering husbands home.
St. Anthony, Idaho was named for the saint in a roundabout way. The falls on Henrys Fork reminded pioneers of a waterfall on the Mississippi at St. Anthony Village, Minnesota. In the early days, a Catholic priest who explored Minnesota saw the falls on the Mississippi River and named them for his patron saint.

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