House plants must be watered carefully during this month. Plants in small pots will probably dry out quicker than those in large pots. Those which are growing rapidly and flowering freely will likewise dry out more quickly. Over watering of Christmas cactus at this time will make the flower buds drop off. However, do not let the plants go dry. An occasional sprinkling overhead, or dipping in a tub of water, will serve to remove dust from the foliage of ferns grown in the house, and also to promote their more healthy growth. Palms should be sponged. Use a soft brush for African violets.
Poinsettias often drop their leaves when the flowers begin to fade, which is usually a few weeks after Christmas. This indicates that the plant is going into its natural resting period.
Woody plants, particularly evergreens, which are growing close to the foundations of buildings may have gone into the winter with their roots in soil on the dry side. A thorough soaking of such plantings during a period of thaw may be advisable. Snow should not be permitted to remain on evergreen hedges because when it becomes wet and heavy, it may break them down. Removal, however, must be done very carefully.
Branches of Christmas trees may be used as a mulch over the roses, bulb beds, the rock garden, perennials which have evergreen foliage, and plants in the cold frame. The boughs make a light, airy mulch which is most desirable.
Courtesy of Edward Farrington

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