Sleeping bag and foam pad
 Cord or rope
 Food, don’t forget fruit, hot drinks, and calorie–dense foods
 Dishes, cups, and utensils
 Can opener
 Stove or grill, fuel
 Cooking pots and skillet, aluminum foil
 Dish scrubber and soap
 Paper towels
 Hiker’s backpack
 Poncho or rain coat, hat or knit cap
 Clothing, include items suitable for cold mornings
 First–aid kit
 Matches in a water–proof container
 Compass and map
 Knife and sharpening stone
 Mirror, carry it for signalling purposes in case of emergency
 Glasses, consider bringing an extra pair
 Sun block lotion
 Insect repellent
 Flashlight and extra batteries
 Wash basin
 Water containers, a 2–to–5 gallon container for camp use, water bottles or canteens for hiking
 Water purification tablets
 Toilet articles, medicine, and don’t forget toilet tissue
 Towel and washcloth
 Ax, saw, or hatchet
 Wire for repairs
 Tool kit or multi–purpose tool
 Snakebite kit, but applying a tourniquet and transporting the victim to a medical clinic immediately is preferred.
 Folding table (very useful in a campsite without a table)
 Camera, binoculars
 Fishing gear
 Notepad and pen

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