A demoralized crowd We think that the crowd that generally assembles in the “pit” of our places of amusement are the most badly behaved of any we ever saw. They seem perfectly regardless of what is going on in the front of the stage and amuse themselves by yelling and whooping whenever the spirit moves them. Not content with the continual cracking of peanuts, and demands for more from time to time in loud vociferations, but they must needs indulge in unearthly shrieks, resembling the coyote or Snake Indians, interrupting and confusing the actors and preventing the more orderly of the audience from hearing anything of the play in progress. We have no doubt that the “boys” intend such outbreaks of feeling as complementary applause, and that it is offered in a generous and kindly spirit, but for our part we hope hereafter there will be less of it. —
From the Idaho Statesman, April 18, 1870. Dates listed are approximate.

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