Do you have left-over turkey stuffing, and perhaps a few tomatoes? Hollow the tomatoes out and fill with stuffing, then bake. This works with mushrooms and zucchini as well.
Hard boiled eggs are easier to cut if the knife is dipped in hot water first.
There is no need to chop nut meats with a knife or shears; spread the nuts between two pieces of waxed paper and crush lightly using a rolling pin or wooden mallet.
To soften butter in short order, warm an empty pan on the stove, then turn it over the plate of butter.
Keep a container in the freezer for water drained from cooking vegetables and chicken; the frozen liquid makes a good base for soup.
Cut down on time spent cleaning up broiler pans by placing a piece of bread in the bottom pan to soak up grease before using the broiler or by pouring a cup of water in the pan.
If a pie is running over in the oven, sprinkle salt on the puddle before it dries. When the oven cools, use a damp sponge to clean up the spot.

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