August 22

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial at Washington, DC opened to the public, 2011.

An FBI sharpshooter shot and killed Vicki Weaver, wife of Randy Weaver, during a stand off at the Weavers' home near Ruby Ridge, Idaho, 1992. Mr. Weaver had been charged with selling illegally-modified shotguns in a Treasury Department sting operation.

An altercation at a recording studio marred a get-together of jazz greats Tommy Dorsey and Benny Goodman, 1947. Goodman was two hours late for the rehearsal. When he ad libbed a few notes that ruined a recording, Dorsey spoke up. An argument followed, observed by witnesses Louis Armstrong, Charlie Barnet and Lionel Hampton. Dorsey ended the confrontation by socking Goodman in the jaw and knocking him down.

Massive Japanese firebombing of Shanghai, 1937.

Farmers in north Idaho celebrated huge yields of wheat, oats and barley, 1915.

A World Series in baseball was proposed, 1903.

Delegates to the Constitutional Convention took a break from their duties to watch a demonstration of a steamboat on the Delaware River by John Fitch, 1787.

The Tudor reign began in England, 1485, as Henry VII defeated Richard III at Bosworth Field.

Miners in the early gold camps of Idaho defended their use of impromptu hangings against criminals by saying, "if a man ain't good enough to live here, he ain't good enough to live anywhere."

Luck sometimes visits a fool, but never sits down with him. -- A German Proverb

I admit that; my wife is outspoken, but by whom? -- Sam Levenson

Genesis 22:9-14 (American Standard Version)

   And they came to the place which God had told him of. And Abraham built the altar there, and laid the wood in order, and bound Isaac his son, and laid him on the altar, upon the wood. 
   And Abraham stretched forth his hand, and took the knife to slay his son. 
   And the angel of the Lord called to him out of heaven, and said, Abraham, Abraham. And he said, Here I am. 
   And he said, Lay not thy hand upon the lad, neither do thou anything to him. For now I know that thou fear God, seeing thou have not withheld thy son, thine only son, from me. 
   And Abraham lifted up his eyes, and looked, and behold, behind him a ram caught in the thicket by his horns. And Abraham went and took the ram, and offered him up for a burnt-offering in the stead of his son. 
   And Abraham called the name of that place Jehovah-jireh. As it is said to this day, In the mount of the Lord it shall be provided.

87 Average High Temperature in Boise

59 Average Low Temperature in Boise

6 58 a.m. Sunrise

8 36 p.m. Sunset