September 24

CBS TV presented the first episode of "60 Minutes," 1968. Professional newsmen laughed at the series, but millions tuned in to see reporters interrogate fat cats and politicians.

The Brooklyn Dodgers (originally called the “Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers”) played their last baseball game in that city before moving west to Los Angeles, 1957.

High food prices had led some New York City residents to try horsemeat, 1946.

European governments, most in exile, allied against the Axis powers and signed the American-British Atlantic Charter, 1941.

America's first National Monument was authorized, 1906: Devils Tower in Wyoming.

Cattlemen killed 4,000 sheep on the range in Wyoming, 1905.

President George Washington ordered the militia to put an end to the "Whiskey Insurrection" in western Pennsylvania, 1794, after negotiations with the rebels had failed. Hundreds of farmers were arrested and twenty-five went to trial. Two leaders of the rebellion were convicted of treason in 1795, but President Washington pardoned them.

Port Royal, Nova Scotia was attacked by a British force, 1710. The fort fell to the English on October 2, and the town was renamed Annapolis.

"You didn't roll your own cigarettes before. Why did you start?"
"Because the doctor told me I needed a little exercise."

Success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get.

Proverbs 14:10 (American Standard Version)

  The heart knows its own bitterness; And a stranger does not inter-meddle with its joy.

Perceptive Quotes from Thoughtful Writers:  Slogans are apt to petrify man's thinking . . . every slogan, every word almost, that is used by the socialist, the communist, the capitalist. People hardly think nowadays. They throw words at each other. -- Nehru

74 Average High Temperature in Boise

48 Average Low Temperature in Boise

7 35 a.m. Sunrise

7 38 p.m. Sunset