September 22

“I did not, could not and would not” commit murder, said O. J. Simpson before jurors’ deliberations, 1995.

Iran and Iraq began a war, 1980, over a disputed part of the border between the two countries. The war lasted eight years and claimed about 400,000 lives.

BBC-TV gained a rival, 1955, as ITV went on the air in London. Supporters of fee-supported BBC-TV predicted that program quality would suffer as BBC responded to competition from advertiser-backed ITV. It took ITV ten years to get permission to broadcast its signal throughout the United Kingdom.

Pres. Harry Truman said the House Un-American Activities Committee was more un-American than the people it was investigating, 1948. Truman seemed to believe the investigation of Communists in the government was a political stunt intended to block progress on programs he wished to advance.

An American General who had reviewed the struggle in China between Nationalist forces and the Communists, 1947, recommended a guarantee by the US of five years of aid to the Nationalist government of Chiang Kai-shek.

French forces returned to Indochina (Vietnam) to reclaim the government there, 1945. But there was much support among the public for Ho Chi Minh who had led Communist guerrillas against the Japanese occupation, and whose guerrillas were supplied with modern weapons taken from the Japanese.

Nampa, Idaho was the site of a new Carnation condensed milk plant, 1918, claimed to be the second largest factory of its kind in America.

Eight people were hanged at Salem, Massachusetts, 1692, on charges of practicing witchcraft. The witchcraft mania in Salem began to dissipate in October 1692. The Rev. Cotton Mather published a pamphlet in October, Wonders of the Invisible World, which argued that people were right to fear witches. But doubts about the witch hunt were growing. At last the lying accusers began to make charges against well-known people and those of the "better class of church members," and the frenzy unraveled. In February 1693 a Mrs. Dayton of Charlestown was brought up on charges of witchcraft and the jury acquitted her. In May 1693, Governor William Phipps ordered that 150 people imprisoned on charges of witchcraft be released, and he set up a special panel of judges to review all cases. The Salem witch trial prosecutors were relieved of duty.

There are no traffic jams when you go the extra mile.

I'm going to stop putting things off, starting tomorrow! -- Sam Levenson

Proverbs 14:1 (American Standard Version)

  Every wise woman builds her house; But the foolish plucks it down with her own hands.

Quotes About the Importance of Prayer:

"Day by day," the promise reads,

Daily strength for daily needs

Cast foreboding fears away;

Take the manna of today.

75 Average High Temperature in Boise

49 Average Low Temperature in Boise

7 33 a.m. Sunrise

7 41 p.m. Sunset