January 30

British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan expressed disappointment that France had vetoed the United Kingdom's application for membership in the European Common Market, 1963. The Common Market was the predecessor to the European Union.

Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated by a member of a Hindu organization that was strongly anti-Muslim, 1948. Mahatma Gandhi was preparing to make his daily address to followers, urging toleration between religious groups, when he was fatally wounded.

The first American troops assigned to Europe in World War II arrived in Northern Ireland, 1942.

Adolf Hitler demanded that German allies Japan and Italy be allowed to reclaim lost colonies, 1939, and warned the United States not to interfere.

Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, replacing Fritz von Papen, 1933. Hitler's elevation was the result of a political compromise between Hitler's Nazis and another political party.

A human rights organization estimated that the Soviet government had incarcerated 662,000 people, 1931.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled against the "Beef Trust," several meat processors that had colluded to fix prices they charged and prices they would pay for livestock, 1905.

A defeated Democrat candidate for Governor of Kentucky, William Goebel, was mortally wounded by an assassin, 1900. Goebel had refused to accept the election returns and insisted he had won. The state Legislature declared Goebel to be Governor, causing the winning Republican candidate to make a protest to the federal government. The administration of President William McKinley declined to interfere in the controversy. Goebel died on February 3, and the elected lieutenant governor took his office.

The University of Idaho was chartered, 1889, to be located at Moscow.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt was born, 1882.

Thomas Jefferson's personal library was purchased by Congress, 1815, to re-establish the Library of Congress. The British had burned the previous library during the War of 1812.

Virginia proclaimed its loyalty to the English (and Scottish) House of Stuart, 1649, the day of the execution of King Charles I by the Puritans. Virginia became the home in exile of hundreds of partisans of the Stuart family.

We know what we are, but know not what we may be. -- Shakespeare

I've got all the money I'll ever need, if I die by four o'clock. -- Henny Youngman

Psalm 52:8-9 (American Standard Version)

But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God:

I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever.

I will praise thee for ever, because thou hast done it:

and I will wait on thy name; for it is good before thy saints.

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