February 22

Washington's Birthday. George Washington was born on this date in 1732 in Wakefield, Virginia.

North Korean state radio accused the U.S. of using germ warfare in the Korean conflict, 1953. The charge had been made before but was accompanied this time with purported statements by two captured American flyers. 

Big fire in Boise: the Elks Building went up in flames, 1943.

A portrait of George Washington was in a place of honor, but Pres. Franklin Roosevelt was booed by the 22,000 attendees of a pro-Nazi rally in Madison Square Garden, New York City, 1939. Organized by the German American Bund, the rally was described as promoting "Americanism." The leader of the Bund told the crowd, "We do not say all Jews are communists but we do say that the Jew is the driving force of communism." The attendees seemed to be in agreement that the Nazis were the victims of unfair criticism.

British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain said the League of Nations was incapable of enforcing security for its member states, 1938.

Baseball pitching star Walter Johnson helped verify a legend regarding George Washington, 1936. Johnson threw a silver dollar across the Rappahannock River in emulation of Washington's feat of throwing a dollar across the Delaware River. No word was available on the comparative widths of the rivers that the two men cast their dollars across.

Air tours over the White House were banned, 1935, because the noise of the airplanes was disturbing Pres. Franklin Roosevelt's sleep.

General Augusto Sandino, his brother and two aides were killed by national guardsmen at the Managua, Nicaragua airfield, 1934. Sandino had been working with the Nicaraguan government to form a peace plan but was opposed by the National Guard and their leader Gen. Anastasio Somoza.

The government of Turkey agreed to reduce its exports of opium to the U.S., 1931.

President Theodore Roosevelt reviewed the "Great White Fleet" at Hampton Roads, Virginia, 1909, upon its return from its round-the-world diplomatic tour.

Diversion Dam on the Boise River above the city of the same name was dedicated, 1909. It fills the New York Canal, a major irrigation source for the Boise Valley, which also provides water to Lake Lowell in Canyon County.

The Farmer's Alliance and the Knights of Labor announced they would join the People's Party in nominating a candidate for U.S. President, 1892.

The first Woolworth 5 cent store opened in Utica, N.Y. in 1879. Everything in the store cost 5 cents. The concept took off when Woolworth added ten-cent merchandise.

The Sacramento Valley Railroad, the first railroad west of the Great Plains, began operations by running an excursion train from Sacramento to Folsom and back, 1856.

U.S. soldiers began building Fort Yuma along the Colorado River in Arizona, 1852.

The Kentucky legislature passed another bill expanding on the Kentucky Resolutions written by Thomas Jefferson in defense of states' rights and nullification, 1799.

Man is, properly speaking, based upon Hope; he has no other possession but Hope. -- Thomas Carlyle

I want you guys to tell me candidly what's wrong with our operation -- even if it means losing your job. -- Sam Goldwyn

Thoughtful Quotes by Observant Writers: The rule of Bolshevism is based on the possession of power. Thus its fate is sealed. While this party and its friends see ultimate goals which are the same as ours, the intoxication of power has seduced them… Fair becomes foul, foul becomes fair! -- Alfred Adler

Romans 6:1-2 (American Standard Version)

  What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?

47 Average High Temperature in Boise

30 Average Low Temperature in Boise

7:33 a.m. Sunrise

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