August 15

Assumption of the Virgin Mary. This Catholic observance celebrates Mary’s ascent to heaven.

Riviera brand cigarettes advertised their claim to fame: they included a filter containing chlorophyll, 1960.

The simultaneous independence and partition of India into Hindu and Muslim states, 1947, was accompanied by rioting, violence, murder and vigorous ethnic cleansing. The house of Mahatma Gandhi, who had tried to encourage order and civility in an area that would become a border between India and Pakistan, was pelted with stones by rioting mobs.

Gas rationing and rationing of fuel oil ended in the US, 1945.

The Panama Canal opened, 1914.

The Kansas Pacific Railway, connecting Denver with Abilene, Kansas and Kansas City, was completed, 1870.

Santa Fe, New Mexico was pillaged by Indians, 1680. An Indian revolt began in New Mexico on August 9, and settlers were driven out. The revolt discouraged settlement in New Mexico for ten years.

Mongol emperor Kublai Khan’s attempt to invade Japan was foiled when boats carrying his men were swamped by a typhoon, 1281. The Japanese called that typhoon “kamikaze,” or “divine wind.”

Love your enemies -- they never borrow anything!

Whatever makes men good Christians makes them good citizens.--Daniel Webster

Genesis 1:27 (American Standard Version)

  And God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

89 Average High Temperature in Boise

60 Average Low Temperature in Boise

6 50 a.m. Sunrise

8 47 p.m. Sunset