November 23

Turkey growers, awash in excess birds, expressed hope that the public would become fond of turkey ham, 1976.

American forces gained the island of Tarawa in the Gilbert Island chain, 1943, at the cost of 2,700 casualties.

Soviet forces began a charge against German positions at Stalingrad, 1942. 15,000 people died in the initial phase of the successful attempt to cut the German 6th Army off from its supply chain.

The German naval ship Deutschland sank British ship Rawalpindi, 1939, 300 people died.

Boise's St. Luke's Hospital opened, 1903.

Tenor Enrico Caruso made his first appearance in America at New York City’s Metropolitan Opera House, 1903.

Sanford F. Dole, President of the provisional government of Hawaii, refused a request by the U. S. State Department that Queen Liluokalani be returned to her position as head of government, 1893.

Horror movie star Boris Karloff was born, 1887.

Boiseans turned out on Thanksgiving Day to see the town's volunteer firemen on parade, 1882. The firemen's parade was held every year; all four engine companies were represented: red, white, blue and gray. After the parade the fire laddies were treated to a hundred dollar dinner by the mayor and city councilmen. The town had much to thank the firemen for: Boise never had a truly devastating fire in the years from 1876 when the volunteer department formed through 1902 when a paid fire department took over.

First Lady Abigail Adams was born, 1744. Her husband John Adams and son, John Quincy Adams, were both American presidents.

Think what you do when you run in debt; you give to another power over your liberty. -- Benjamin Franklin

He enjoys much who is thankful for a little.

Proverbs 21:5 (American Standard Version)

 The thoughts of the diligent lead only to plenty; But every one that is hasty hastens only to poverty.

44 Average High Temperature in Boise

30 Average Low Temperature in Boise

7 50 a.m. Sunrise

5 13 p.m. Sunset